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Build your American dream

You know what you want and you've worked hard your whole life to get to the point where you can have it. Don't settle for someone else's dream home; get exactly what you want in a custom home from Greenriver Construction.


Call today and we can get started designing your new dream home. With input at every step of the way the finished product will really be yours.

Plan for the future

Whatever your plans are 10 years down the line your home should be able to accommodate them. Don't settle for a house that you'll out grow in a few years; create a home that will fit your whole family today and in the future.

Build your dream home

  • Custom design services

  • Over 42 years of experience

  • Wide range of styles and exteriors

  • All work guaranteed 100%

Invest with confidence

All of our work is carried out by fully licensed, bonded and insured builders and you'll have access to the design plans at every stage of the process so you know that you are getting exactly what you wanted.

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