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Expand your family room

If your family is growing shouldn't your home grow to? Add space to your family room to accommodate the changes in your life and living situation. Make room for your kids to play, or for you to host gatherings of your own.


Call today for estimates or details on previous work that we have done and get inspired by the potential in your home.

Bring light to your home

With brand new light fixtures and big picture windows let Greenriver Construction bring air and light into your home. Make your home feel more open and inviting when you call today.

Complete remodeling services

  • Custom designs

  • Flooring and woodwork

  • Painting and drywall

  • Windows and doors

Expert construction

Trust Greenriver Construction with the safety and comfort of your family. All of our work is permitted, and our workers are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Call today for testimonials from our past clients.

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