How To Choose The Right Home Inspector

It can be difficult to find the right home inspector in San Antonio, TX, especially if it is your first time. This article will help you to know the questions you should ask prospective inspectors.

Many people think all home inspectors can be licensed because they must adhere to the same standards. It is impossible to believe that this could be farther from the truth. Two inspectors could inspect the same house and produce different inspection reports. Simply put, inspectors are more skilled, more knowledgeable, and more thorough than others. Some inspectors, for example, will walk on the roof and climb into the attic or crawl spaces underneath the house to inspect it. Others won’t. To ensure that the inspector does their job, you should be present at your inspection. These are other things to consider when selecting the right home inspector.

Home inspectors licensing – Make sure the home inspectors San Antonio TX is licensed. Home inspectors are required to be licensed in most states. Check with your state’s realty board for more information.

Home Inspection Experience – You may be surprised to know that anyone can become licensed as a home inspector in a very short time. Although experience in the construction field is helpful, it’s not necessary. While this may change in the future it is not necessary. A person must attend approved home inspection schools and pass the state inspection test to be a professional home inspector. However, they have never inspected any homes in their lives. You may hire a home inspector for their first inspection.

Professional Affiliates – Home inspectors often join professional organizations to reap the benefits and improve their skills. These organizations require members to complete continuing education hours. Meetings and conventions are a great way for inspectors to learn from one another. Texas law requires that home inspectors complete 16 hours of approved continuing education each year. These associations include ASHI, NAHI, and NACHI, as well as TAREI.

Insurance – Texas has recently passed a law that requires home inspectors to have at least $100,000 in professional liability insurance. It is mandatory for the renewal of a license. Some Texas home inspectors may not have it yet.

Request a copy of the inspector’s report. This will give you an idea about how thorough the inspections were and whether the inspector included pictures of any defects. Many inspectors use computer-generated reports. Some post them online for you to view, while others can email you a copy.

Should I Refer an Inspector to a Realtor? It all depends on how to trust you have in your agent. Agents may recommend that you use an inspector who is quick and does not write much in the reports to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. Professional agents will want you to get the best inspection possible. After all, it’s their reputation when they refer clients. You can decide if the agent should choose your home inspector or not.

Do not Choose the Cheapest Inspector. Please trust me when I say that. Every day I receive calls from potential clients. Many times, price is the first thing they ask. It’s not because people are poor, but because they don’t know what else questions to ask. Although I know that people don’t want to pay more than necessary, you get what you pay. Inspectors who are the cheapest are often inexperienced or new and only do inspections as an extra job. One customer was determined to find the lowest-priced inspector. Her insurance company refused to insure her roof after the sale because the shingles had been installed on top of old wooden shingles that were easily visible from the attic. Because she was trying to save $25.00 on inspection fees, she ended up spending $6,000 on a new roof.

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